Monday, November 12, 2012

The Holidays are Approaching!!

We have so many events ahead of us in the upcoming months. We have two Thanksgiving dinners. We have a slew of birthday parties. We have two holiday parties and then actual Christmas. Also, six couples we know are pregnant and due in the next few months. Ryan's working a part time job now. It's only a few times a month but it's money and it's helpful and he enjoys it. The company he is working for is run by a wonderful couple, who just so happen to be one of the couples expecting their first child. I'm very excited for them. Anyway, with all these events coming up I'm intimidated because I dread this time of year. The rushing around, long car rides and late nights. What's really worrying me is doing all this with a ten month old. I know we'll get through it but as far as energy goes, I'm not looking forward to it. I am looking forward to my son walking soon. He enjoys groups of people and parties. He's a total ham. There are going to be lots of smiles and laughs. So many new things for him to see and foods to try. I want to walk him around to see Christmas lights. He's going to love the Christmas tree. I want to make him a stocking. I want to see his face when he tries cranberry sauce for the first time. It's just going to be awesome. Exhausting but so awesome. I'm saying it early. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everyone!!

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