Monday, October 14, 2013

#8 Grateful for the next 43 days in the gospels

I’m reading through the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in chronological order. I’m using a Read your bible in a year chronological reading plan but I skipped right to the gospels. They will take 46 days to complete. Today is day three. 

Some friends and family on facebook are reading along with me and its nice holding one another accountable. My fellow readers post a comment once they finish the reading for the day. 

Reading the gospels in chronological order is very cool. I get to watch the whole story unfold in order rather than four separate times. And, of course I know the story but I find myself anticipating the next day and even wanting to read ahead.

So far this is the most dedicated I’ve ever been to really reading The Bible. Yes, a whole three days in a row! It’s also the most excited I’ve ever been about reading scripture. I’ve never devoted time in my schedule for something like this and I regret that now. It gives me a sense of pride.

I hope others jump on the wagon and join us. It’s actually fun. 

Today I am grateful for the next 43 days in the gospels.

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