Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#1 Grateful for the mornings you're there

My husband, Ryan, is in school, fulltime to be a nurse. He has finished his academics and is now in the midst of his clinical rotation. He is in third week of his third semester. He will be done in May of 2014.
Mondays and Tuesdays, every week, he leaves the house very early and reports to a medical facility for on site, hands on training. This week he is at Meadow Wood Hospital. This is a behavioral health facility. They specialize is mental health and addiction treatment. He seems to really be enjoying this rotation. But on these two mornings he’s out of the house before 6 am.

Sometimes I consider myself a mom who requires a lot of help. Other times I like doing it all on my own. On the days that Ryan doesn’t need to be up and out the door before 6 am he still gets up and helps get Tino to daycare and me to work. He changes Tino and dresses him. He makes me a cup of coffee to go. He gives Tino a snack. He takes our dog out. He even walks us out to the car and gets Tino all strapped in. While he’s doing this I am able to take a shower and get dressed in peace.
I can do all these things on my own. In fact, I do all these things on my own two days a week when he’s up and out early. But, I like his help.

To me it says:

I’m raising this kid with you.

If you have to be up I’ll be up with you.

I know working and being away from Tino is hard so whatever I can do to make it easier, so be it.

I want to see you and our son before you leave for your day.

So today I’m grateful for the mornings that Ryan’s home to help. Even though he knows and I know that I can and do, do it without him. I want him to know that I appreciate those mornings he’s there.

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