Friday, September 13, 2013

#4 I’m grateful that I can encourage young minds

My former instructor Chris from Del Tech contacted me last week. He told me he has a Computer Aided Engineering Drafting and Design student who had to interview someone in his field of study for an English Composition class. Chris asked if I’d be interested in meeting up with this student, Elliott, and be interviewed. I said sure and told him to give the “kid” my email and phone number. The next day he emailed me and I suggested he come out to Accudyne and I’d interview him and give him a tour. He was very excited. He even did some research before hand and checked out our website. He was a little late this morning because his daughter missed her bus but he called to let me know he was on his way. He showed up in a shirt and tie. He was very nice young man. He has an eight year old daughter. He works full time cutting plastics with a water jet cutter for a local manufacturer. His family owns a company that rents out moon bounces. He’s a full time student and is the music director at his church. He is a very ambitious young man and I think he is 26 years old. The interview was fun and I felt like it even helped me to appreciate my job all the more. The tour was a smashing success. He was shown some great examples of what we do here. I was very worried I overwhelmed him a little bit but he promised me he had a great time and was going to see if he could write a longer paper then was assigned because he had so much to say. Overall I think it was a great experience for both of us. Every semester at Del Tech I try to either go there and give a presentation about my experience at Del Tech and at Accudyne or I coordinate a tour for students at our facility. I love doing this. I’m going to start visiting high schools in the near future. I love doing this. I’m grateful that I can encourage young minds.

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