Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#2 Thankful for EVERY friendship

Oh I read this great blog post by Kristen Strong last week about finding yourself “in a season of changing friendships”. I think right now I’m in that season. I’m not friendless but I have had a lot friends move out of my life, some getting ready to move and some new friends moving in. It’s not a good or a bad time. It’s just a period of adjustment. I can’t say I love it. Friendships with other women have always been a particularly difficult area in my life. 

I have stayed in touch with some ladies who have moved on to new and better lives. I sure miss them. There is always facebook. Some friends I’ve not kept in touch with and I’m learning that is natural and even healthy. I often try to force something that may need to fade in its own natural way. I tighten my death grip, mulling over what I’ve done wrong, what I could do different. Why am I like that? Why did I say that? What’s wrong with me?

My husband is so good at this. This never fazes him. He just rides along with the current and I’ll admit I envy him in this regard. He never wonders if it ended because of something he said or did.

It’s times like these that I wonder if God wants my focus on other things like Him, my husband, my son, my home and job.

So, I’ll shrug my shoulders and wipe away the few tears. Every friendship I’ve ever had has blessed me and taught me.

My big prayer, in regards to all these friendships, is that hopefully, a few, I’ve blessed as well.

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