Saturday, September 28, 2013

#6 Grateful for peace in my home tonight

Popular blogger Ann Voskamp always writes about how she see's God's grace in the simplicity of her life. I like that and her.

Tonight I was washing dishes. There was a lot because I'd slacked on them yesterday and most of today. I allowed myself to because as you know we put our dog down yesterday.

So I was washing the dishes. My husband was playing his video game. He put his headphones on so I wasn't subjected to the gunfire and explosions. I had the baby monitor sitting on the kitchen counter. My son was asleep and his CD player was playing lullaby renditions of Pink Floyd.

As I washed dishes I felt happy.

Our family had a fantastic day today. We had a good breakfast. We all tried some turkey bacon for the first time. I made myself and my son some apricot orange oatmeal with a little bit of cream I had left over in the fridge.

After breakfast my husband went upstairs to watch a lecture for school. I played with Tino on the floor for a bit and we watched A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures. While he was occupied I decided to straighten up and vacuum.

Earlier, I'd posted on facebook that we were going to Milburn Orchards later in the morning. My husband made the suggestion the night before that we should all get out of the house as a family. My sister saw the post and texted to see if she and her boyfriend could come. Sure! We don't see enough of each other. I miss her and I like her boyfriend a lot. He has a great sense of humor and reminds me of my husband.

On a side note I asked if she could pop over a bit earlier and keep and eye on Tino while I got showered and dressed. She jumped in the shower, got dressed and came right over.

We all got up and out the door. Milburn Orchards was fantastic. Tino ran around. He loved the goats but didn't like the chickens. Nice family outing for less then $30, admission and a dozen apple cider donuts included. We got some fantastic photos.

My sister, although she might not know it, was such a big help today. I sometimes feel like I'm stuck by the stroller with my purse while my husband and son run off. So many times today she kept an eye on our stuff, the stroller, diaper bag and my purse so I could go snap a picture of my son. Half the time she pushed it for me so I could have my hands free. Her boyfriend took a couple really nice family shots of us for me. I'm sure it's not always fun hanging out with a couple with a kid when you're young and childless but these two are troopers. We all had a really nice time.

Once home we had some grilled cheese and soup for lunch. Ryan took a nap. Tino rested in his crib for a while and I uploaded all the photos to facebook, emailed them to my mother and chatted with her about them on the phone.

Tino was up from his nap and we finished the turtle movie, had some dinner and played some more. Ryan gave him a bath and got him in bed. He's no doubt exhausted from such an exciting day. I know I am.

I cleaned up our kitchen and now I'm spending a few minutes typing this out.

I'm sure to some this doesn't sound like a very exciting day but for me it was perfect. I love our little family so much. Our weeks are so busy with work, school, daycare and home. I crave days like these.

I think Ann is saying that you don't need to look hard to see God on days like these even if from the outside looking in they don't seem to exciting. You can feel him even while wrist deep in dirty dishes, barefoot in the kitchen feeling the night air drop in temperature and reminiscing about the day. I think if we spoke she would tell me this and I think she'd be absolutely right.

God is so great!

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